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Brenda's Art

I believe I am a still life painter, because I really love food. Juicy fruits, colorful vegetables, a glass of wine. I adore all of these earthly gastronomical pleasures, so it's natural that I paint them. One of my other passions is foreign travel. My still lifes are often filled with objects I drag home from far away exotic places.

I have chosen independent study with teachers that I admire and find this path to be very inspirational. I remember what one of my favorite teachers told me after a frustrating day of painting, using Rembrandt as an example, he declared “Brenda, you need to keep painting until your worst is good enough”

I've included several series here. I started painting still life with Southwestern themes, later moving to Asian and my animated figurine series. Another fun series was the Sunwashed. Oh, I almost forgot the reptiles, one of my favorites. I also paint murals, it was quite a switch going from tiny paintings to filling a wall or ceiling. You can see some of my murals on Studio
I also design Wanderlust's hand painted jewelry. So have fun perusing my artwork and our wonderful jewelry!