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Prints / Giclees

I know what a print is, what's a giclee?  Giclee’ is a high end digital printing process, that captures subtle nuances, details and brushwork of the artist. When printed on canvas it is mounted and hand varnished with a special U.V. protector. Some of my giclees are printed on a heavy, high quality, smooth watercolor paper. Inks are soy based and have a seventy five year life expectancy, not for eternity, but a long time! All of my prints are hand signed and limited editions. They all are reproductions from my original paintings and I am happy to say that almost all of the originals were sold.
I have personally chosen a beautiful frame that enhances and complements each print or you can buy them unframed and have fun picking your own.

Money back guarantee on artwork.
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Ships in 2-8 days after ordering.
I can email you larger images so you can see every detail!