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Jewelry FAQs


Whether you are interested in purchasing our vibrant flower earrings or unique semi-precious stone jewelry, our handmade artisan jewelry is a cut above, making for the perfect fair trade gift. Here is why:

Hand Painted Jewelry
This jewelry is designed in Colorado by Studio Hart / AKA Brenda Hart, hand painted and assembled in Peru. Unlike other painted jewelry, we use non-toxic acrylic paint and varnish. Only high quality Czech or Japanese glass and fire-polished beads decorate our earrings. No imitation Chinese, plastic knock offs beads for us! Earwires are either surgical steel or silver plated over surgical steel. Both are hypo-allergenic. Our earrings also come with natural rubber earnuts. Assembly wire is known as "German silver or alpaca". It is a mix of metals that is resistant to tarnish.
These earrings are individually hand painted and not silk screened, as are some Peruvian painted earrings. Hand painting gives a depth of color and details, not possible with silk screening techniques. And if your concerned about eco friendly, non-toxic acrylic paint wins over solvent based inks. Our painted jewelry components, varnish and paint meet lead safety standards. Because we are the direct  manufacturers we can do specialty designs and custom orders just for you.

Kids' Hand Painted
Our girls' necklaces are painted with Americana Decorative paints that are made in the U.S.A. This line of paints is lead/cadmium free and still maintains brilliant colors. Necklace findings are either silver plate or sterling silver and meet children's safety guidelines for lead. Both paints and findings are imported to Peru from the U.S. Necklaces come with individual fold over hanger stating this jewelry is safe for children 3 years and up.

Chandelier Earrings
Our chandeliers are made in Pisac, Peru by the same artisans that make our painted jewelry. We use the highest quality Czech and Japanese glass and fire polished crystal beads. Earwires are silver plated over surgical steel and come with rubber earnuts. These earwires are hypo allergenic, unless you are allergic to silver. Both our beads and earwires are imported to Peru from the U.S. to assure quality.
Jewelry components have been tested for lead and meet safety guidelines.

Natural Stone Jewelry
Our semi-precious stone jewelry is handcrafted by artisans in Lima, Peru and surrounding areas. The stones are native to Peru and other South American countries. Each piece of jewelry is unique in that natural stone varies in color. Stones are hand cut, polished and matched up for earrings or sets. Earwires are hypo-allergenic from surgical steel. Metal work (aside from the ear wires) is "alpaca or German silver". Not actually silver, but a combination of zinc, copper and several other metals. Highly resistant to tarnishing, unlike silver. Our stone jewelry components have been tested for lead and meet safety guidelines.

Necklaces and sets come in three lengths as shown and are indicated as S-M-L

Give the fair trade gift of handmade artisan jewelry

To simplify we sometimes use stone color instead of it's name.
Cut stones generally come in these following types:

Lt. Green
Mahogany Obsidian
Black Onyx
Mangano/Pink Opal/Rose Quartz