WanderLust Jewelry

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Meet the Artisans

At Wanderlust Jewelry we work with a group of extremely talented Peruvian artisans. Almost all of them have worked more than 10 years practicing their particular skill. Whether it's the painters or wire workers, they all have a passion for what they do.

Anny assembles our beaded hand painted jewelry and chandelier earrings. Anny actually has a degree in nursing, but returned to making handicrafts because in her words "she loves it." She lives in the wonderful city of Cuzco.
A quote from Anny about earrings, "the earrings need to dance"


Edgard is one of our painters who has been with us the longest. He has an amazing skill level and is not satisfied until his painting is perfect. His specialty
is our hand painted flower line. Edgard is fortunate to live in the lovely Urubamba river valley.

Elsa assembles our natural stone earrings. She is extremely skilled in the Peruvian craft of wire jewelry and has been making jewelry for at least 15 years.
Of her work she says "she loves it". Recently Elsa and her husband were able to
buy some land outside of Lima to build their new home. Possible, because both have steady incomes.

Iris and Hugo make our natural stone bracelets. Both are highly skilled and have worked their whole lives as artisans, which shows in their work. They own a home in Lima, where they live with their three sons who also work in the family business. When asked why they choose to be artisans they said "we love it".
Hmmm, I see a trend here.

Jaime or (Jaimito) as the younger artisans call him, is one of the best assemblers
and wire worker around. He has the infinite patience of a true artisan. Jaime assembles all of our new prototypes and won't stop until everything is perfect.
His specialty is our chandelier line and bead work on our hand painted earrings.
He lives in Cuzco.

Jorge can paint anything. Whether we need flowers, birds, animals or traditional geometric motifs, Jorge is master of his craft. He has been painting all of his adult life. Jorge has nine children, some whom are grown, but depends on this income to take care of his family. Jorge and Edgard are brothers.