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The Undie Fund

The Undie Fund was founded by Brenda Hart in 2008, as a way to provide Peruvian children with underwear, socks, and other clothing essentials. Undie Fund? Why do you call it that?

OK story time..... For years I loaded up suitcases with gently used kids' clothes and my girlfriend Danila and I passed them out in Lima. One time Dani pointed out that the little girls weren't wearing underwear, hmmm.

Fast forward to 2008, I'm going to Peru and remark to Mo that the kids didn't have underwear? Would he be interested in donating 20 bucks so I could buy some undies. "Sure" he says. Then we came up with the idea of emailing our friends to see if they would like to pitch in. We raised $750.00 in a week, way too much for underwear, right? We had enough to buy undies, socks and shoes for 65 kids and that silly name just sort of stuck.

One note: Not to be confused with The Panty Fund, which is...oh never mind.
Email if you want to donate to the next Undie Fund

2012 Undie Fund

Once again, we choose Perka as our primary destination, but having collected a lot in donations this year, I decided we should also buy school supplies for the Shipibo children in Lima, where The Undie Fund started. In Perka we again bought school supplies for kids, kindergarten and up. The littler ones received much needed shoes. And this year the "ancient ones" all got brand new sweaters. Did I mention it's really cold in Perka at night? Well it is! In Lima we bought school supplies and undies for over 100 Shibipo children. They were so excited! I'm always amazed at how excited little boys can get over new undies with dinosaurs or Batman. Wow!


Danila and I arrived early Sunday and were greeted by 3 enthusiastic little boys.

We decided we needed a new strategy for passing out the school supplies.

An orderly line just like school seemed to do the trick. It was a long line!

This little boy showed his id card to show he was on our list.

These 3 girls wanted to pose for me with their new underwear.

What is it? I think I have dinosaurs, what's on yours? Batman or race cars?

At Perka everyone was waiting for us when we arrived and unloaded our car.
Carnival time was also being celebrated.

People danced around a decorated tree passing an axe, when the music stopped who ever held the axe took a whack at it.

I actually struck the final blow. I must admit I was worried about sinking the axe into my shin instead of the tree.Victorious!

2010 Undie Fund

We asked the parents of Perka what they needed. School supplies was an overwhelming response. After emailing friends, we ended up with about $1400 from about 45 donors. Enough to buy backpacks and school supplies for 5 year olds and up. Undies and socks for kidlets under 5, blankets for 25 "ancianos" or politically incorrect "old ones" in English. Trying to buy specific school supplies for 100 kids proved difficult, we needed to simplify, but include ALL essentials. We hit the markets about 6:30 am and after several trips to my room with packages and mucho haggling over backpacks we finished late that night and we readied things for transport in the morning. And now the rest of the story.
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2009 Undie Fund


This was my first trip to Perka, we had decided to do something for Claudia's village. Claudia is the wife of Florentino, whom I work with. She said no one has ever gone there to help and that's understandable, since it's not easy to reach!! Take your breath away high in the Andes is what comes to mind and at the end of a dirt road that snakes closely to the edge of numerous abysses.Yet when you get there it's lovely to look at even if you cannot breathe. We bought shoes, socks and undies for 90 children and sweaters for all the very old folks. So here is our tale of Perka in 2009.
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2008 Undie Fund

This was the first year of the Undie Fund. I sent out an email on a whim about a week before my trip asking friends and family to donate for undies. I had no idea we would rake in $745. That was way too much for underwear. There was enough money to buy for 64 kids in this little Shipibo settlement, shoes and socks to boot! Being the first year, we were super UNorganized. We didn't realize this until we arrived with bags tagged by family name, as the houses had no numbers. This area was very informal and no one knew the last names of anyone, so we had to go house to house trying to match the bags with the families. It took all day.
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