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Undie Fund 2010

Undie Fund 2010

In 2010, we asked the parents of Perka what they needed. School supplies was an overwhelming response as classes were about to start. I sent out emails and we ended up with about $1400 from about 45 donors. We had enough to buy backpacks and school supplies for 5 years and up. Undies and socks for kiddies under 5, blankets for the 25 or so "ancianos" or politically incorrect "old ones" in English. Julian had given us a complicated list of what was needed for each child, for each grade, down to exact colors of pencils for second graders. There were over 100 kids. Florentino and I decided that was a no go and bought boxes of colored pencils and tried to condense, and still include ALL essentials. We hit the markets about 6:30 am and after several trips to my room with packages and mucho haggling over backpacks we finished late that night. Claudia, Florentino and Jose Carlos headed back to Pisac with several bundles and I got everything ready for Herman who was picking me in the morning with the rest of the bags. And now the rest of the story.
The auto bridge to Pisac was destroyed by flooding. We had to use an old suspension bridge & carts to get into town.

Once across the bridge, it was half a mile to Florentino's, where we would unload and organize the school supplies

Great helpers, Claudia & Rosa helped fill up the backpacks for the kindergartners. Let's see how many girls were there?

This car was bursting with goodies for the hour drive straight up to Perka. I called dibbies on the front seat, as there were 6 of us.


Perka has amazing views. About 40 families live scattered across the mountainside in this serene setting high in the Andes.

We're here! These boys were assigned as lookouts in the trees. In minutes people came to help unload.They are so organized

After much deciding on the perfect spot to gather where it wasn't wet, we settled on the cemetery. It was really beautiful.




This was a big surprise. As we started passing things out, our hosts lined up and sprinkled flower petals on our heads.
It was lovely and I will never forget it.

We needed at least one picture giving away Undies. These were homemade by my mom and some ladies in her church.
Look how happy this kid is about undies
        After the school supplies were given out, Claudia and I posed with a group of the grandmothers. We brought 25 wool blankets for the seniors in the village.





Even this little girl wanted to get in on the great flower give away.

Happy boys with their brand new packs & school supplies

This little girl was very happy with her green flowered backpack.

We managed to get a few kids to settle down enough for a picture.

Donors 2010: Sandy Ramsey with Artisans' World Marketplace~Marcia&Barry Soloman~Dolly Gavino~Charlie&Sandra Papazian~
Adele Mahle~Nancy&Tom Sullo~P.S.Olsen~Patrice Morrow~Katie&Robert Eaton~Paul Reiderer~Jack&Aria Spence~Kara~Marilyn&
William Henry~Nancy Quick&William Byrnes~Deborah Brown~Rita Bordignon~Kirsten Marshall~Claudia Elliott~Carolyn&Ken Mueller~Tom Jordan~Mary Trutter~John Comiskeys~Maureen &Will Sarni~Suzanna Del Vecchio~Amy&Gino Colona~Vicki Somberg
Donald&Judy Bishop~Roger&Judy Niles~Melissa&Jesse Morrow~Carol Jordan~Penni LaLiberte&Tony Trites~Teddy&Frank Meyer
Don&Ebbie Fenstemaker~Dave&Mary Hanlick~Barney&Dorothy Hart~Deb West~Phil&Luz Fehrle~Brenda Hart

Helpers in Peru: Florentino & Claudia Quispe~Jose Carlos Quispe~Rosa & Claudia Quispe~Joel Quispe~Medellin Quispe~Julian