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Undie Fund 2009

Undie Fund 2009

This was my first trip to Perka, we had decided to do something for Claudia's village. Claudia is the wife of Florentino, whom I work with. She said no one has ever gone there to help and that's understandable, since it's not easy to reach!! Take your breath away high in the Andes is what comes to mind and at the end of a dirt road that snakes closely to the edge of numerous abysses.Yet when you get there it's lovely to look at even if you cannot breathe. We bought shoes, socks and undies for 90 children and sweaters for all the very old folks. So here is our tale of Perka in 2009.

The quiet farming village of Perka, at a
breathtaking 13,500 feet.

A beautiful, yet harrowing view of the
abyss on the drive up to Perka

On the first day, Julian the villager leader lined everyone up to be measured for new shoes.

I measured 87 kidlets that day using this great contraption made by Gabriel. It's just like Famous Footwear, kind of (see 2008)

Fast forward, we are back in Perka with shoes, clothes and UNDIES! Julian summoned everyone by blowing a whistle

My favorite part is passing out the clothes, it's really fun and you would have to fight me for it. Claudia and I had a great time of it.

I know this little one can stand up, because he has new shoes!

One of the little girls poses for us with her new school shoes.

We gave sweaters to the"abuelas" because it's very cold in Perka.

This little girl was so happy to get her first new pair of shoes.

My favorite pic, these boys were so happy!
Some of them never had real shoes before. They would go to school in style.

Julian rounded the kids up with his whistle & we got some great pictures, even though the moms made the kids take off their new shoes.

Nothing like a couple of guinea pigs and a Cusquena beer at the end of a job.
Does anyone want one of these? Please

Donors 2009 : Wayne Morrow~Marcia&Barry Soloman~Nikki Haller~Joan Devlin~Charlie&Sandra Papazian~Rita Bordignon~Jasmin~Patrice Morrow~Tom Jordan~Vicki Somberg~Abigal~Don&Ebbie Fenstermaker~Their friend Shirley~Christine Collins~Suzanna Del Vecchio~Amy&Gino Colona~Maurren&Will Sarni~Linda McClain~Rob Byrnes~Carl&Sue Henrikson~Pat Jordan~Tony Trites&Penni LaLiberte~Marilyn Henry~Barney&Dorothy Hart~Lidia Holl~Brenda Nims~Ellie Morrow~Carolyn&Ken Mueller~Micheal&Michelle Melio~Robin McGuire~Alyson Kincaid~Kay Stevens~Donna&Mike White~Katie&Robert Eaton~Shireen Malik~Mel&Jesse Morrow~Therese Spears~Satir DeMarco~JS Zadel~Libby Roper~Brenda Hart

Helpers in Peru: Florentino,Claudia,and Jose Carlos Quispe~Julian:village leader~Patricia Estella Olea