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Undie Fund 2008

Undie Fund 2008

This was the first year of the Undie Fund. I sent out an email on a whim about a week before my trip asking friends and family to donate for undies. I had no idea we would rake in $745. That was way too much for underwear. There was enough money to buy undies for 64 kids in this little Shipibo settlement, plus shoes and socks to boot! Being the first year, we were super UNorganized. We didn't realize this until we arrived with bags tagged by family name, as the houses had no numbers. This area was very rambling and no one knew the family names of anyone, so we basically had to go house to house trying to match the bags with the families. It took all day.

I told my friend Gabriel we were going to measure kids' for shoes. I was thrilled the next day when he pulled this apparatus out.
Gabriel is an engineer turned ceramist.
We love engineers!

We showed up early Sunday at the Shipibo settlement in central Lima. It appeared no one was up yet. This area was perched on top of a dry dusty hill, next to the Rio Rimac. Some houses had electricity, but no water.

We soon had more feet to measure than we knew what to do with. Word spread fast. Dany and Gabriela passed the word door to door. I measured and Omar wrote down sizes and family names.


One of the Shipibo families invited us in. they were very friendly. I loved the hammock they put up for the baby.

These two sisters waited patiently, while we measured their sibling. These Shipibos were displaced from the jungle areas.

I never take pics of our shopping trips, I won't take my camera into Lima's market. So we jump ahead to the day we came back.




It took hours to pass out the shoes, socks & undies. We wrote down all the family names, but big problem, no one knew the family name of their neighbors. Also no house numbers.

As you see it is now dark and we are still passing out things. Gabriela carries in a bag of toys, that were donated by Peruvians in Lima.We have gathered a large crowd.

OK, so things are somewhat out of
 control. I am already thinking of a better way for next time. Gabriela managed to get everyone to line up. Kind of.





One of the kiddies with his new shoes and STICKERS!

We got two of the moms to dress up the kids in their new shoes and clothes, even though it was past bedtime!

One of the moms dresses up her little girl for a picture.

Donors 2008: I admit, I have lost the donor list of 2008 when I switched email accounts. This is from memory, so if you've been left off please let me know.
Rita Bordignon~Tom Jordan~Wayne Morrow~Patrice Morrow~Barney&Dorothy Hart~Penni LaLiberte
Fenstermaker~Don Fenstermaker~Eugene Del Assandro~
 Philly&Aaron Winterowd~Jesse&Mel Morrow~Brenda Hart~
Marilyn Henry~Suzanna Del Vecchio~Amy&Gino Colona~Katie&Robert Eaton~Anna Leyva~Robin McGuire~Lidia Holl~Therese Spears
Helpers in Peru: Gabriel&Dany Arce~Omar Arce~Gabriela Arce