WanderLust Jewelry

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About Us

Since 1981, Wanderlust Jewelry has produced a unique assortment of handmade jewelry. Working side-by-side with talented Peruvian painters, Wanderlust Jewelry offers a variety of fair trade wholesale products including dazzling chandelier earrings and colorful wild bird jewelry. Shop our online store today.

One-of-kind handmade jewelry from Wanderlust Jewelry

A message from Brenda Hart, owner of Wanderlust Jewelry

Wanderlust Imports was founded in 1981. It started like many other importing businesses. I traveled to Peru, loved the people, crafts and the food. Now I needed an excuse to return. On my second trip I filled a couple boxes with handicrafts to sell at home to friends at Christmas. But then what? Twenty seven years later, I sometimes ask myself that same question.

Several years ago, the pottery/ home d'core part of Wanderlust was turned over to another importer, but I remained the buyer. I wanted to pursue another passion as a painter. However, I retained the jewelry portion of Wanderlust and several years ago started working with artisans to produce a line of hand painted jewelry. It worked out well. I started with some very talented painters and after a year of producing traditional motifs, we expanded into our nature designs.

It is truly a joint effort between myself (AKA Studio Hart) and the artisans. I design many of the non traditional painted earrings, like animals, birds and flowers and spend time with the artisans on product development. I also am responsible for ordering the beads, findings, and sometimes special paints and getting them to the artisans. Both the artisans and I are looking forward to continued growth in the future.

Brenda Hart